Attract, Find, & Keep Epic Conscious Love

Because settling for toxic, painful relationships just won’t do.

Conscious Relationship Coaching for Soul- Centered, Spiritually Minded & Sensitive Single Women, Women in Relationships, & Couples

I welcome you to the path that takes you on a transformational journey to lasting conscious love!

If you are here, you are looking to dive even deeper into releasing the pain loops of the past, attracting, finding & keeping a conscious, soul-centered, relationship or marriage using a combination of a metaphysical & practical approach!

Wondering Why You May Be Stuck In Love?

Discover the most common Love Trap Archetypes that most soul-centered, spiritually minded women fall into and why you may be self-sabotaging yourself and your relationships.

Take the Love Trap Archetypes assessment now and start your journey towards finally experiencing extraordinary conscious relationships.


Do you consider yourself spiritual, soul-centered, or even highly sensitive?
Have you grown personally & spiritually, have success in other areas of life
but attracting or keeping healthy, conscious love keeps escaping you?

I’m Susan Ortolano. I was a highly sensitive, intuitive, soulful child, yet attracted painful toxic & narcissistic relationships into my life, and thought that was as good as it could get.

As I got older, and into my dating years I fell right into the very painful love trap archetypes I teach about & allowed toxic relationship experiences with narcissistic type guys, had a failed marriage, and a broken engagement.

I was and am a hopeful romantic and prided myself on being a more conscious, soul-centered woman. Yet things kept falling apart in the area of relationships as I repeated the patterns of attracting toxic, narcissistic men into my life.

But even after all that pain, I discovered a way to break those patterns, heal
the past, & find the great conscious love of my life. I am blessed to have a beautiful marriage, & I know you can, too!

If YOU are here, single, or in a relationship, you may have been going through this, are frustrated from the pain, just damn tired of it all, & finally, want to have the conscious love you long for.

Are You Ready to Transform Your Love Life? Let’s Talk!

Client Stories

I couldn’t have anticipated the tremendous value I received from working with Susan. I set my intention to find my new partner and am now engaged to the love of my life. Our compatibility and alignment is beyond what I had imagined, due to the clarification work Susan and I did together.  Funny, insightful, intuitive, deep, and loving, Susan is a gift for our lifetimes.   

-K.R. Ventura, California

Working with Susan has been such a blessing to me in so many ways. She has brought vivid clarity to what I need in a partnership, taught me some relationship skills that I truly needed, nurtured, and validated my feelings, which is essential for me to feel understood. Susan coaches with great humor. compassion, with an intuitive,  straight forward loving approach. She is a gifted intuitive coach and my go-to relationship coach!

-S.S.  Santa Cruz, California

Have you been wondering how YOU can find and keep an epic conscious relationship that lasts?

You may have had some near misses, cycles of toxic love, even a divorce,
or years of struggle in a current relationship or marriage. Time is passing
by and you may be torturing yourself with an endless cycle of questions.

"Will I ever find the right person, “Am I getting too old", "Did I miss my soul mate?" "How did this relationship go downhill so fast?" " Am I just not meant to have the love I want?" "Will this ever change?" "Do I just have to put up with this?"

"I wonder if I have some ‘bad love karma"

You might have said to yourself 1000 times, "I’m so ready" but still haven’t met your beloved.

Sure, you could settle for something ordinary, toxic, mediocre, or bland, but a sacred, conscious, deeper healthy relationship or marriage is what you want to have.

I KNOW you have a light inside of you, so much love to give, and it is time for you to attract & keep a conscious man you can love who deeply loves you right back.

Why Work With Me?

Using some special techniques, and an entire system combining metaphysical practices, and practical relationship tools that when combined will help you free yourself from the past, attract and keep the great relationship or marriage you’ve been longing for.

I SEE you, I GET you, and taking this transformational journey with me, whether you are single, or coupled will change you & your love life, and open up doors to a whole new way of being, attracting, and loving deeply, as you declare your intention, and claim the conscious, passionate, deep, sacred relationship you desire.

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