Susan’s abilities are a rare gift to be experienced. After my sessions, I had an extraordinary sense of upliftment, clarity, hope, faith, and understanding. She is a Psychic and Coach whose skills delve into deep levels that reveal hidden purpose and reason. Susan has brought me a great sense of peace for which I am ever grateful.

– C.P., Los Angeles, CA

“Oh my God!! All I can say is it was one of the most amazing and valuable experiences I’ve ever had. She has an incredible, powerful gift. I came out of there with an inspiration about my divine calling in life and my coaching practice unlike anything I’ve ever felt.”

– JNP, Santa Monica, CA

“Never in a million years did I ever think I could do intuitive readings for people but Susan taught me how. I have been reading for friends, family members, and have a deep intuition now that helps me have an upper edge in my work.”

– A.W. Hawaii

After a mammogram, I was told I needed to have a breast ultrasound. I was nervous but had been through it before only to have nothing found. Susan immediately knew it was breast cancer. She was able to tell me how things would go and they unfolded that way. I am grateful to have had the information ahead of time as it really calmed my fears.”

– B.C., Scottsdale, Arizona

“Susan is a truly gifted psychic & intuitive coach. I feel blessed that I found her as my coach, I highly recommend her to help you release the old and create the new. I really transformed instantly from working with Susan. Changes in any person can be scary, but being an empath and intuitive person, my emotions can be sometimes overwhelming and Susan was highly supportive and understanding at all times. Powerful instant changes took place in me immediately once I began to work with her. By working with Susan I increased my level of consciousness, let go of fears and old patterns that no longer worked for me, grew spiritually, and manifested a new relationship- my true love. I am finally living the life I dreamt and I now continue to keep creating more wonderful things with all the techniques Susan taught me. My main intention was to manifest a relationship, but by working with Susan so many other changes took place within me. I got promoted to higher position at work, moved to a new countr,y and I finally have a new life that better serves me.  I am studying Reiki, crystals, spirituality, and better able to manage my own energy since working with Susan has lead me to live a more fulfilled life.  I am now more aware of my own personal triggers and now respond differently as well as know how to let them go. I have truly stepped into my power as an empath!!”

Thank you Susan for sharing your powerful unique gifts with me ! Thank you for shining your light and being true to you and helping me be true to myself.

– C.L. Cork, Ireland

“ My coaching experience with Susan was truly life-changing! When I came to her, I was in a dark pit, and my intuition couldn’t guide me anywhere, Due to a horrific event in my life, I was having trouble connecting with the universe and had trouble managing access to it on my own. Susan helped get me out of that dark place, and with her lovely spirit and enthusiasm, she helped me clarify some issues, get through ‘clouds to where I could finally get back to my own inner sunlight. I looked at the notes from my sessions daily, then as I slowly came out of the dark, changed my focus, and made serious plans for manifesting the future that Susan and I had spoken about. Susan gave me so many psychic tools to work with and was so committed with such amazing insight. I now am out of that dismal place, and manifested the sweet little house with the garden, bursting with flowers that Susan told me I would. I have my sense of self back. I am back in my own light. Thank you, dear Susan!”

– S.L.W. Corralitos, California

“Susan kept telling me that medically, she saw some kind of ovarian mass and suggested I see my doctor. I went and they found nothing. She told me to go back. I went again and they found nothing. She again, told me to go back. One day I found myself in agony in that area and was rushed to the hospital. Thanks to Susan’s insights, they knew what to look for. They found an ovarian tumor the size of my entire abdominal cavity. I was stunned. Thank goodness it was benign and surgically removed. All is well. I so appreciate Susan’s persistence and clarity! Wow!”

– S.K., Los Angeles, CA

“I’ve gone to Susan several times for readings and she is just spot on. I had been through a bad break up and Susan reassured me that my future husband would show up when I was 37 and we would have a child immediately. Although that was 2 years away at the time and it was upsetting to hear, I did meet him when I was 37 and now we are married with the beautiful child she spoke of. She wasn’t kidding about immediately either!”

– P.W., Honolulu, Hawaii

“Over the years, I have received many reading. from Susan regarding various aspects of my life – most notably the area of relationships. I don’t know how she does it, but she has called so many things it amazes me! To be honest, before meeting with her, I was a skeptic. I had friends who had received readings, but I couldn’t understand why and thought it was a “joke” – that was until I was going through a very difficult time in my life and would do anything for some relief. Well, I can honestly say I am glad I reached out! Since then, I am a firm believer in her work and call her whenever I need outside assistance / insight. She even taught me to open up my own intuitive skills and they keep getting stronger!! I highly recommend working with her … I’m so glad I did!”

– G.W., Palm Springs, CA

“What I love about Susan is that she presents the information in such a graceful and down-to-earth way. I was initially worried that I would hear something bad and after my first reading session, I was relieved! Not only is she incredibly compassionate, but she brought forth so much clarity about what I needed to do in the situation I was in. I had been so stuck and was finally able to move forward.”

S.L., Los Angeles, CA

“Susan has made a tremendous difference in my life. She sees things that I can’t see and almost don’t believe until sure enough, I am living out her predictions. Susan rolls out a powerful and positive red carpet for me to simply walk down and manifest my new life into being. She has all the depth and knowledge of a psychologist coupled with the intuitive vision to show me the beautiful truth about myself.”

K.B., Los Angeles, CA

“Susan’s psychic abilities, along with her Spiritual Psychology background are incredible. She has such amazing insight!! Her abilities to see more deeply than what is just on the surface have helped me to better understand what I am trying to clarify for myself. She guides me to working through my process better and yes… faster. I don’t get caught up in a lot of my own drama and self -pity anymore. With Susan’s guidance, I’ve manifested an amazing new relationship with the man of my dreams, have moved back into my ‘spiritual’ life and have gotten my finances back on track!”

R.N., Reseda, CA.

“It is an amazing experience coaching with Susan. Susan’s consciousness, articulation and clarity have helped me to become crystal clear about the kind of relationship that is right for me. The psychic visioning processes that she so beautifully guided me through, has led to such a wonderful shift in my consciousness that I know that I have created the container that will allow my perfect relationship to manifest. I started dating for the first time in years and am with a very special man! I am an intuitive and an empath and that energy was much amplified with Susan as my coach.”

-R.F., Los Angeles, CA

“Working with Susan is like shining a bright light that illuminates the hidden corners of my inner world where old beliefs and outdated patterns have set up camp. With Susan’s skillful and supportive intuition & coaching, I’m clearing out what I no longer need and uncovering my natural joy, love and creative power. Her spot-on intuitive insights combined with her down-to-earth style create space for the kind of “aha” moments that move me closer to my intentions in my outer world. I highly recommend Susan to anyone who is serious about manifesting their heart-felt dreams.”

– D.D., Orange County, CA

“Working with Susan has been essential in these extra-ordinary times of transition. She infuses sharp insight, strength, and fluidity into the consistent progression of my life. Clarity is consistently revealed in respect of relationships – both that of my internal relationship with myself, and key relationships in my life – without which there’s a high degree of possibility I’d be 1000 miles behind where I am today, lost in the fog, heading upstream. She has had a remarkable and inspiring impact on my life.”

A.F., London, England

“I have always known that there was something different about me. I really knew I had some kind of unique abilities as well as a lot of sensitivities, both emotional and physical. I never imagined I would be someone with special psychic skills and skills as an Empath, but after a year of working with Susan, not only have I discovered these gems about myself, but I also changed career paths to something that I really love where I can be authentic and use my true talents.”

L.B.- Chicago, Illinois

“I started working with Susan to increase my level of consciousness, let go of old patterns that no longer work for me, grow spiritually, and manifest a relationship. I am finally doing it! I am studying Reiki and crystals, and recognizing and clearing my old patterns, I also just got a new job in a city I have wanted to live in forever and am also have been in powerful relationship and am growing everyday. I’m so happy!!”

– C.L., Cork, Ireland

“I knew something was different about me and was told I was too this and too that, or not enough this and not enough that. I was so tired of it all and felt I need to find myself, my truth and stop believing that here was something wrong with me. Through my work with Susan, I discovered abilities I thought I had but didn’t know for sure. I love using my abilities to help others and opening them up, I feel more alive!”

G.M.  Santa Fe, New Mexico

“Honestly, I didn’t know what the heck an empath was until I saw one of Susan’s Facebook Live videos. I knew I was a very sensitive person, but didn’t realize that I actually was “gifted” and could use my sensitivity as a gift rather than feel that I was ‘too much’. I am so excited as my life has opened up so much in such a short time and rather than being bothered and annoyed, wanting to isolate myself, or cry,  I now know how to work with the energy I pick up and it has made a word of difference! We are still working together and I can’t wait to continue to open up more of my own gifts. My husband and my kids have already has noticed changes in me!”

B.H.  Austin, Texas.