Intuitive Readings & Medical Intuition

Learn intuitive answers to your most critical questions

Intuitive/Psychic Readings

Well, let’s start with what won’t happen:

This isn’t 1-800-Psychic. I don’t tell you the lottery numbers, predict everything about your future or give you a GPS roadmap of every twist and turn of your life. No one can, especially in one session. And, not everything that comes forward in any reading is set in stone. What comes forward is exactly what you need to know in that moment in any area you ask about. If you'd like to learn more, contact me.


Why Not?

Because the future is mutable. You have an extraordinary influence upon your future due to free will! This is why there are many twists and turns. What I see during an intuitive reading may be out there for you, but the road to getting there will depend on the actions you take.

An intuitive reading is like a snapshot of the current moment. It will open up some awareness, give you some clarity, and show a trajectory that you are on for future events. Due to free will, if you step off the trajectory, you can change your entire path.

I will also take a peek at your Astrology Chart and explain why you are here!

So, How Can An Intuitive Reading Help You?

Well, as I said before, you have an extraordinary influence on your future trajectory. Most of us, however, have blind spots and spots we choose not to see. These can cause us to get stuck, go backward, and invite unwelcomed experiences into our life.

This is where I can help. My gifts allow me to uncover and reveal to you things you might not otherwise see and get clarity, understanding, and direction to help you move forward.

 **** AND if you DO get the winning lottery numbers I’m totally open to gratuities.

Medical Intuitive Readings

What is Medical Intuition?

As a Medical Intuitive, I’m able to scan your body systems as well as your energy and emotional bodies to locate elements that may be contributing to physical ailments and imbalances.


While Medical Intuition is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease, it can help pinpoint emotional and physical imbalances in your body, examine the emotional, physical, and mental aspects that contribute to them, and help you determine your best course of action towards professional and self-care.


I can also intuitively see where the issues can progress moving forward, depending upon the action you take. Free will applies once again.

Will Medical Intuition Cure Me?

I wish it could be that simple. Sometimes our bodies experience disease and chronic conditions that may be hard to shake. They may often be a karmic part of our human experience or maybe something we can let go of and recreate a life of radiant health. But through it all, we can find grace, peace, and, self-compassion, understanding, while still living a life we love.

Whenever possible, I will help you navigate your own physical journey and find the access points where you can begin to make shifts and changes. Sometimes it is a matter of clearing a belief system. Other times, it can be as a simple shift in lifestyle or releasing stuck emotional energies.

Medical issues align with our chakra system and during a session, I look at each system that coordinates with the medical issues you are experiencing. We’re complex beings.

Intuitive & Medical Intuitive Readings

Susan kept telling me that medically, she saw some kind of ovarian mass and suggested I see my doctor. I went and they found nothing. She told me to go back. I went again and they found nothing. She again, told me to go back. One day I found myself in agony in that area and was rushed to the hospital. Thanks to Susan’s insights, they knew what to look for. They found an ovarian tumor the size of my entire abdominal cavity. I was stunned. Thank goodness it was benign and surgically removed. All is well. I so appreciate Susan’s persistence and clarity! Wow!

– S.K., Los Angeles, CA

Susan has made a tremendous difference in my life. She sees things that I can’t see and almost don’t believe until sure enough, I am living out her predictions. Susan rolls out a powerful and positive red carpet for me to simply walk down and manifest my new life into being. She has all the depth and knowledge of a psychologist coupled with the intuitive vision to show me the beautiful truth about myself.

– K.B., Los Angeles, CA