How Karma Affects Your Relationships

All relationships create karma, including romantic relationships, and there’s a good chance that you’re with the person you are with now (or were with last) because of karma that you needed to work out by being with them! 

Before I met the great love of my life, I went through a few decades of miserable relationships, a broken engagement, and a marriage that didn’t work out. I was ready to give up on the dream of finding true love, but while I was single I did some soul searching and uncovered hidden issues that were holding me back. I think of those past failed relationships as karmic-relationships, and while they were painful, they ultimately led me to my husband, Rick.

How Karma Works

We want to settle old karma and generate positive karma so that we can attract the love we deserve. If karma is left unresolved or we are blind to our individual karma, that will ultimately cause us to blame other people for what is happening to us. We might end up in the same types of destructive relationships, over and over again, because we don’t see that our karma is what’s causing us to continue that cycle. Instead, we’ll think it’s just bad luck, or that all men just aren’t good enough.

Instead, we need to work through our own karmic challenges and lift the burdens of our past so that they don’t continue to affect our present and future. Breaking karmic patterns is hard because you need to be able to see your own karma before you can begin to make different choices. 

Creating Positive Karma

If something is wrong in your current relationship or you’re single and trying to attract love, you should be trying to put as much positive karma out into the world as you can! A good rule for karma is to act with integrity, not just for other people, but for yourself. Continue to be compassionate, even when it’s hard. That doesn’t mean sacrificing yourself for someone who doesn’t treat you the way you deserve to be treated, but do your best to understand where they’re coming from and respond in a way that does the least harm possible. 

Remember that everyone makes mistakes, but creating positive karma means learning from those mistakes and making good choices. If you make a mistake, try not to blame yourself, instead, know that mistakes can actually help us to resolve karma, if you make the right choices after learning from them. 

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