Single ladies- What you need to understand about men! A Rant

Ok, that title was meant to grab your attention because they do. So much information out there is about finding love is ALL ABOUT what to do to please a man, understand a man, be what a man wants. and know what a man is thinking, all so you can literally turn yourself into a pretzel to be the woman a man desires.

This totally chaps my hide when I see all of this and see women desperate to find those answers. Ladies, you don’t have to contort yourself to be loved, cherished, desired, in love, and happy with a man. Is there wisdom in understanding a few things that are common about men, sure. But the truth is you need to get to know the man you are with. He may not be like every other man. He is not like other men just as you are not like every woman on the planet, and the man you meet just needs to understand YOU.

So, when you are tempted to turn yourself inside out and buy those 5 books on what men need, how to make him love you, etc., stop yourself. Again, there are some commonalities amongst men, but they can be as unique as a fingerprint.

There are steps to take to be the best version of yourself and attract a partnership that lasts just by being you. Once you meet the man, get to know him, rather than whipping out the list you made from the ten articles you read bout how to make sure you’re irresistible to him.

Susan Ortolano – Relationship Coach

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