When &%#$%*# Happens and You’re an Empath!

Have you ever had one of those days or weeks when everything you do seems to go wrong, not work, get delayed, or not happen at all?

This was my day yesterday as I write this.

There was a miscommunication about something from my coach; I attempted Facebook ads for something for the ladies that I will be announcing next week that I couldn’t figure out; and I experienced major frustration as my computer would just spin and not consistently work.

I was ready to pull my hair out!

Then a friend called, and her website went down and she lost everything she had created for the past two years. Another friend called saying her 20 -year old son stole a family heirloom from her husband and may go to jail. Then another friend was freaking out and overwhelmed by her growing empathic energy. She has been rebuilding her business as well, and has an assistant that isn’t getting things done on time for her.

Yeah, that’s a lot, and occasionally there is just something in the planetary ethers or in the energy field that seems to hold us back. It feels like some mysterious force is trying to block our path and it just feels awful!

For those of us who are empaths and are highly sensitive, this affects us more deeply on an energetic and emotional level. Some people can just roll with it, problem solve, and get on with it, and some of us just take it in so deep into our spiritual well within that it takes a bit more time to come out of it and get on with things.

So what can you do to increase your “light level” when these things happen?

  • Marinate in the feelings – Yep, I said it. In order to heal, we must feel, and for those of us highly sensitive beings, stuffing the feelings just to get on with it doesn’t work. We just have to give ourselves the time to feel. Once you feel it, you can then look for techniques and support to help you move out of those feelings.
  • Trust that there is a higher power that is working on your behalf – While I know it seems like some force is trying to “take us out,” most of the time that isn’t the case. Things happen for us, even when it appears they are happening to us, regardless of how frustrating they can be. We get to trust that and trust that something better is trying to emerge and what we were trying to do wasn’t for the greater good.
  • Find a way to self-soothe – There are ways to care for ourselves that raise our vibration, our frequency, our light level, even in the midst of things seemingly gone wrong. One of the things I like to do is crank up some upbeat music and dance. Another thing I like to do is put on some spiritual soft music and allow it to calm me. I also will meditate, take a quick nap, talk to a friend, speaking the words of what I want to see happen after I have vented so the conversation ends on an upbeat note.
  • Be of Service – When we want to yank our hair out or throw the computer off of the roof, being of service is a great way to shift your energy. I know when I am in that space, helping a friend or two as I did yesterday is so beneficial for them AND me. It is a blessing to help others. It is a blessing to help others. One time I wrote 10 cards that said “You are loved” and put them on 10 random cars in a parking lot. I never knew how the people who received them reacted but I know it would feel great to me. Doing a Facebook live on my business page where I love to teach something and do free mini-readings makes me feel so much better.

These are just 4 things you can do to get that frustration out and shift your energy. Then you can problem solve whatever happened.

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I would love to see you there and see how I can support you in just a short time.

In the meantime, look at how to raise your light level on those **%$%&* days and know that when you change your vibration, the path forward can shift for you.

You’re meant for more!