As I mention on my website, psychics are not what most people think we are. We are not wearing scarves and holding our hands over crystal balls. Well, not most of us. There are no flying monkeys, and really legit psychics aren’t going to tell you that there is a demon in your stomach and for $50 they can remove it, otherwise you are in for a crap life.

Yes, there are those who are using the word psychic for less than genuine work, but most of us are semi-normal people who just happen to have this as a gift, no different than a gifted artist, athlete, or lawyer. The word psychic has just gotten a bad rap and depending on someone’s spiritual point of view, they either believe in it or they don’t. Personally it doesn’t matter to me as the skeptics are generally not my clients. My clients are those people who believe, who want to learn how to develop their own gifts or who want to evolve in their lives by getting a reading.

Each psychic is different. We read differently; we may access different parts of your life; or we may interpret the information differently. What scares people is the idea that someone may be tuning into them by just walking by, knowing telepathically what they are thinking. Some feel exposed, raw, and vulnerable and some don’t realize what a psychic actually does.

The way I work as a psychic when I do a reading for someone is to have them ask me questions. Why do I do things that way? They are paying me for their time with me and if someone says “read me”, I can’t control what comes forward and it may be something that is not an area of life they really want to inquire about, or they already know. I prefer to spend the time looking into what they want to know. My style is very visual and feeling-related as well as more therapeutic since I have an M.A. in Psychology in addition to training and credentials as a life & relationship coach.  I also like to take the information people are afraid of and express it in a way that they can see how it is trying to teach them.

Do we see everything? No. No one is designed to access everything about a person as we are all here to evolve in this human experience. We see pieces of their life’s puzzle and, for me, see a few trajectories of their future as possibility or probability. We all have free will and can shift what our outcome is in many instances. There are some things that no matter what we do, that future is just not going to be any different.  For example: I love watching American Idol and am so glad it is coming back.  When they used to show the “horrible” auditions and tell someone “no”, we often saw that person clearly had zero or less than zero talent, and often they would turn to the camera and say “This isn’t the last you’ll see from me, I’m going to make it! This is my dream!!”  Well, sorry buckaroo, you have no talent and no matter what you do, that is not your path.

I had a dream at some point of being a theater actress. I did community theater in high school and I knew I didn’t quite have the gift to be on Broadway, in movies, or on TV shows. It would have been a lovely dream, but it just wasn’t my path.

And sometimes we can see pieces of something as a future of possibility and the rest hasn’t come in yet due to divine timing. Things happen in a specific time frame and it isn’t always our desired time frame, nor can it always be predicted on a human calendar since time is a made up concept. Psychic readings and gift development can transform your life, but you still have work to do in this lifetime, lessons to learn, patterns to break, past hurts to release. We psychics are a bit different, yes, but live relatively normal lives. We are more prone to medical issues and are held to a high standard of self-care in order to keep the vessel clear to read or teach, but other than that, we are pretty normal folks. We don’t know everything for ourselves or our loved ones either. We, too, have our own journey. There are no lottery number predictions and I can’t stand when someone says “If you are so psychic, why haven’t you won the lottery?” That is a statement by someone who doesn’t understand how this works.

I hope this answers some of your curiosity questions. There is much too much information to share everything here, as there is so much more to what we are about and how we work.

If you are interested in having readings for yourself to move you forward in life, or to develop your own gifts because you have had some experiences, either can totally transform your life.

If so, let’s talk!

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