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Psychic – Spiritual Life Coach – Medical Intuitive


Psychic Readings & Spiritual Coaching for Empathic and Spiritually Minded Women

Welcome to the path to take you on that transformational journey!

Are you an Empath or Spiritually minded woman ready to awaken your divine gifts, develop your psychic superpowers, or manifest a soul goal?

What is your Empath Archetype?

Wondering why you may be stuck? Discover your Empath Archetype and navigate your energy beautifully and understand your unique psychic abilities!.

Take the Empath Archetype assessment now and uncover your spiritual gifts as an Empath.

Are you highly sensitive woman who was told you were too sensitive, that you cry too much, that you are weird for feeling the emotions of others, that you like to be alone too much, that you know too many things about people, want to develop your own gifts, have been told you are just wrong?

I’m Susan Ortolano, and these are some of the things I was told as a little girl and for most of my life.

I was so highly sensitive. I could feel the emotions of others. I liked my solitude after being in crowds all day at school. I knew things about others or before an event even happened. I felt the emotions of others. I was the person people came to for advice. And I experienced so much more.

I was and am a Psychic & an Empath. If you are reading this, you may be, too.

Have you been wondering about your own Psychic & Empathic gifts?

BECAUSE…Sister, I SEE you! It’s YOUR time!

Something is coming alive inside of you. Something BIG! No, my dear one, you are not going crazy… no matter what anyone else has told you. Your soul is speaking – perhaps loudly, and your psychic, authentic, and spiritual gifts are ready to burst wide open.

NOW is your time to uncover these gifts, to understand what is trying to come forward, to cultivate all that is ready to unfold, to live your empathic, authentic life purpose, unlock the intuitive, psychic magical genius living inside of you, and share it with world!

Perhaps you know you have special intuitive or psychic gifts and need support to awaken and thrive as an empath as well as develop as a psychic, but you keep putting it off.

You may be up stewing at 2 am wondering what to do, looking outside yourself for answers, when the true answers keep trying to come forward from within through your intuition, but you don’t believe it.

Well Sister…

As an Empath, a Psychic, & a Spiritual Life Coach, I can take you by the hand and give you the key to unlock the door to living that life, you know the one you always wanted or maybe only dreamed about, using the special gifts you had hoped for, maybe thought you had, or didn’t even know you had but knew there was something, yet didn’t dare to look.

I SEE you, I KNOW you, I AM you, and taking this transformational journey with me will change your life and open up the door to a whole new, confident, authentic way of being, as you develop, embrace, and claim YOUR psychic and spiritual gifts.

You’re meant for more!

Psychic & Medical Intuitive Readings

Do you need answers to your burning questions? Do you want validation about information you are receiving inside? Are you trying to figure out what you need to do with a medical situation you have?

Stop trying to go it alone- and get ready for some guidance!


Spiritual Life Coaching for Empaths & Spiritually Minded Women

Are you an Empath or a mindful soul ready for expert guidance to develop your unique gifts to create an extraordinary life & manifest your soul goals?

Stop playing small and get ready to expand in ways you never imagined.


Psychic and Empath Development Group Programs

Do you enjoy the magic of group energy? Are you ready to unleash the psychic goddess within you and transform your life, develop your gifs, connect to the Divine with other like-minded women?

It’s time for you to come out of the psychic closet and step into your spiritual light!


I’m ready to take you there. Book a Discovery call
Let’s talk and see where your gifts are calling you to go.


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