About Susan

No, I was not struck by lightning, wasn’t seeing ghosts, and didn’t have a near death experience. I simply came into this world as a highly sensitive, empathic, and psychic being. I felt and experienced things strongly and loudly. Light was strong, sound was loud, and touch could be hurtful. I was a psychic, sensitive, and empathic child who felt everything, including the suffering of others.

It was both magical and painful, and it seemed that there was something wrong with me as I was often criticized for being “too sensitive” and a “cry baby”. My tears, however, were often for the feelings I picked up about others. It wasn’t easy but looking back, it all unfolded how it needed to and has brought me to this moment.

My professional work as a Psychic began in 1991 as a “side” gig while teaching High School.  (My students loved it)

I left teaching after 14 years, finished graduate school, moved into Relationship Coaching and still kept the psychic work as a side gig. Coming out of the “psychic closet” was a bit daunting, given how some can react, but I finally did, and am here to do psychic and medical intuitive readings, coach empathic women who want to grow their own gifts to expand their world, deepen their spirituality, teach psychic development to help others live their most in extraordinary, authentic life!  I have been a professional coach since 2005, have had several coaches myself and will say that the power of coaching whether it is group or individual is transformational and magical, especially opening up these gifts!

How Being Psychic Lead Me to the Love of My Life

In my 20s and early 30s, I had what I call a “Karma Marriage”. A karma marriage is a marriage to someone you are really not meant to be with for the rest of your life, but will teach you a lot of lessons. Likely lessons that you wish you never needed to learn!  That relationship lasted 8 years before my former husband’s lying and cheating was too much for my sensitive, empathic self. I looked and realized betrayal was a pattern in relationship for me and had to explore my own personal and spiritual growth to manifest a different kind of man into my life.  But then….

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My Credentials

Yup, I have credentials and certifications, too:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Spanish & Spanish Literature – UCLA

  • Two California Teaching Credentials from Cal State Dominguez Hills

  • Master’s Degree in Spiritual Psychology – University of Santa Monica

  • International Coach Federation Professional Certified Coach Credential

  • Relationship Coach Master Level Certification – Relationship Coaching Institute

  • Conflict Resolution and Mediation Certification – The Center of Dispute Resolution

  • Medical Intuition Training with Dr. Mona Lisa Schulz

  • Reiki and Shamballa – Reiki Master Certifications

  • Level One and Two Coach Training – The Sedona Method

  • Landmark Education Leadership Training – Landmark Education

  • Ordination as an interfaith Minister and Spiritual Counselor

  • Light-Body Energy Work Certification – OrinDaBen

  • Ascension Leadership Academy Graduate – ALA San Diego

I have had the privilege of being trained by some of the best people in my fields, and in the world including:

  • Renown Sedona Method Author/Teacher Featured in The Secret — Hale Dwoskin

  • Master Relationship Coaches David Steele, Lynne Michelson, and Linda Marshall

  • Best-Selling Hay House Author and world renown Medical Intuitive- Dr. Mona Lisa Schulz

  • TV and Radio Astrologer, Farley Malorrus

  • Nationally acclaimed Medical Intuitive Sarah Meredith

  • Top Professional Certified Coach, Phyliss Francis-Wigfall

  • Spiritual Practitioner and Minister Reverend Carrie Lauer

  • Psychic & Spiritual Teacher Margaret White

  • Psychic Medium Amber Annette

  • Ascension Leadership Academy Mentors Brad Ballard, Jenna Phillips- Ballard, Michael Strasner, Chris Lee, Mary Jo Lorei

  • Business Coaches & Mentors Julia Padawer, Brian Whetten, Michelle Schubnel, Russ Ruffino, Shanda Sumpter, and Julie Serot

“Intuition will tell the thinking mind what to do next.”

 – Jonas Salk