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About Susan Ortolano

Susan Ortolano, M.A., PCC is a psychic and spiritual life coach who takes a unique and spiritual approach to doing psychic and medical intuitive readings as well as coaching Empathic and spiritually minded women to develop their own divine gifts and manifest their soul goals. She uses her gifts of psychic, empathic energy and blends them with her trained skills as a professional certified coach to guide these conscious, mindful women to embrace the beautiful blessings of their empathic and psychic energy so they can create their most authentic and extraordinary life.

With a strong background as an award-winning teacher, along with degrees and training in Spiritual Psychology, Relationship Coaching, Psychic and Spiritual studies, Leadership, among other degrees and certifications, Susan infuses her empathic nature, compassion, humor, vulnerability, and down to earth vibe into every aspect of her work. “My mission is to open the hearts, souls, consciousness of women to expand and discover the truth of who they are, guide them to develop their own abilities, so they become the light workers and light leaders they are in every area of life!”

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