Susan’s Story Continued

I went to grad school a few years later and met a guy named Rick who quickly became a dear friend. In December of that year, he asked me to do a psychic reading for him. He was divorced and wanted to know if and when he would be married again, along with some information about “her”, and approximately when he would meet her.

As I tuned in, I said to him that she was in our grad school program, she was approximately my age, was very intuitive and creative with a great sense of humor, he would know who it was within a month or two, and would be in relationship with her by March of the following year. I felt her name started with an “S” or a “C” sound- like “sssss”. We decided to refer to her as Cindy.

Yeah, you’re already getting the picture…but at the time, I had no idea.

After some time had passed, I realized that I had feelings for him and I didn’t want him to meet “that Cindy girl” I described in the reading, but wouldn’t say anything about how I really felt. There was no indication that he felt anything more than friendship for me, so I didn’t want to rock the friendship boat.

Weeks later, I got a major surprise. I received an email from him, confessing his deep love and feelings for me. I was stunned… and elated….and stunned. As we talked about being in a relationship, I knew March was coming along and he would meet “that Cindy girl” so I was hesitant. To make this long story shorter, March came along and it turns out that the “Cindy girl” I was describing to him during the reading was in fact me and we entered into our relationship. Rick had found his next wife, just as I had predicted… but it took a while before I could believe it was me and once I did, we both just had a psychic ‘knowing’ that we were to be married.

How’s that for a cosmic lesson for the Psychic? We know what we need to know when we need to know it and as psychics, we only know what is appropriate to come forward at the time of the reading, but when we know, we know on a psychic level.

We eloped a couple of months later and have been happily married since 2001. I couldn’t imagine a better and more loving, insightful, soulful, and amazing husband than I have found in Rick.

My empathic husband Rick and I live in a mountain canyon in beautiful Southern California. I love learning, studying spirituality, watching or reading a good, uplifting story, dig my really cool friends, am a proud Auntie, Godmother, and God-Grandmother, actually I was asked to be her Grandmother, but that is another story….

I have to say that if it weren’t for my psychic abilities, I would not have been called to make the choices I made in life. I look at every life event as a stepping stone to get to where I am now and am still a work in progress..

So if you are looking for the love of your life, developing your psychic, empathic, and spiritual abilities can certainly help!

It’s time to come out of the psychic closet, develop those gifts to expand your life!

You’re meant for more!