Psychic & Empath Development

  • Ladies, have you ever been up in the middle of the night stewing about what to do, turning over and over in bed, calling your friends and family for advice, trying to figure it all out wondering what decision to make in a situation that is highly critical?

  • Have you ever wanted to just be able to access your own intuition and just know what you need to do rather than asking so many people and getting several different answers just to feel confused?

  • Have you ever wanted to tap into a deeper more spiritual connection with yourself, with your higher power and feel whole, aligned, with your intuitive knowingness?

  • Have you ever wanted to develop your own psychic skills and even read for others?

  • Are you looking for a more spiritual and soul-centered life?

Unleash the Psychic Goddess Within
A spiritual journey for women

This group program is for women who are ready to transform and live a more intuitive, soul-centered, psychically skilled, spiritually conscious life

Over nine months, you will take the most extraordinary journey and experience your own personal, spiritual, and psychic transformations.

  • Uncover the psychic gifts you have and begin to develop them

  • Understand how to read for others, and how to deepen the psychic connection with yourself

  • Learn really fun and powerful metaphysical tools to support you

  • Discover how to release old programming, beliefs, and stories from your history that are still interfering with your abilities and your life now

  • Create and learn to manifest a personal soul goal using your developed gifts

  • Discover how to become more spiritually connected to your higher self, to the universe, to your own guides, living and non-living

  • and much, much more

How to Get Started

Let’s talk! Book a complimentary Discovery call with me and see how this program will benefit you!


“The person who looks outside dreams, the person who looks inside awakens.”

– Carl Jung