Spiritual Life Coaching for the Mindful Soul

A private coaching program for those ready to expand and move forward into a more extraordinary life!

Ladies, discover and embrace your most important Soul Goals and uncover your true soul-centered life purpose using psychic energy and spiritual principles!

Yes, you started out on a path, thinking you were gonna rock it, doing what you should do in life, love, career, feeling as clear as you were at the time.

But things changed.

What you were doing got boring, or didn’t feel quite right, you may have found out the relationship you were in wasn’t working or needed help, or you may not have even met the love of your life.

You reflected and came to the awareness that part of this path, or even all of it felt out of alignment with your Self, with your soul. Or, perhaps you were you just doing what you thought you SHOULD do with your career and now yearn for your soul’s calling and true life purpose.

Have you tried unsuccessfully to go it alone? It’s time to see guidance and support to expand your life forward into an authentic, extraordinary one that you love.

  • Sometimes we choose a path in life that leads us to our true purpose. Sometimes we listen to all the ‘shoulds’ people tell us and ignore our own inner voice that knows the way.
  • Sometimes our earlier path is our preparation for what we are here to authentically be, do, and have.

If you are here, you feel you have a deeper calling in life, something that your soul is yearning for whether it is a career change, better self- care, improvement in a marriage, or even manifesting a soul mate.

While we have free will and choices we get to make, we also have a voice inside that knows what touches us deeply and is calling out for guidance towards a new path.

Why is that more effective?
Using psychic and spiritual principles to uncover our true calling helps us open up and bring it all to the surface. This style of life coaching awakens our magic, our true gifts, reveals who we are here to be, to be with, and how we are here to make a difference, and impact in the world.

Services & Process

  • Spiritual and soul-centered life coaching

  • A minimum six -month commitment package of three 45 -minute sessions per month is required to ensure maximum value and results

  • Sessions conducted from the comfort of wherever you are via phone or zoom

  • Psychic “peaking” into your process and intuitive development for you!

  • Deep visioning, guided visualization, and core value discovery to help you uncover your path

  • Powerful techniques that help you let go of anything internally or externally that could possibly stand in your way

  • Intuitive action steps to take to move you forward

  • Access to me via text, email, or “What’s App” in between our sessions for ongoing support


  • The financial investment is formally discussed during your Discovery call as there are two packages to choose from. Packages start at $6000

What’s next?

I invite you to schedule a complimentary Discovery call so we can open your heart, let some of that magic emerge and decide if working together is a fit to make your soul’s calling come alive.

I can’t wait to help you uncover your own brand of genius, the love that is in your heart to give, and the blessings that are waiting for you to receive!


Virtual VIP Day Coaching Intensive

Not sure you are ready for a long- term commitment? Try a Virtual VIP day!

A VIP day is a 5 hour intensive conducted via Zoom giving you a face to face day with me to focus on you and your soul goals, some psychic development, clearing of old patterns that are in the way, manifesting tools to master, and a plan for you to move forward.

Are you ready to get started on your journey?

This is for you if you are working want to get things started or want dip your toe in, get an incredible start to your journey, and then decide if you wish to commit to a longer package.

You will leave with more clarity, skills, tools to manifest your soul goals and the deep truth about the areas of life you wish to change, as well as a carefully crafted plan to move forward.

VIP Day Intensive investment

Are you ready to get started on your journey?
Book your Discovery Call and see if a VIP Day is right for you



Yes, I’m an ICF Professional Certified Life Coach . I also have a Master’s Degree in Spiritual Psychology. I also have other training and credentials, which can be viewed under the Meet Susan tab.

The sessions are designed to help you cultivate significant shifts in consciousness to create and live your most authentic dream in areas of your life that are meaningful for you. If you are an empath, or looking to develop your psychic abilities, you will also leave with clear development of your psychic superpowers!

Well, not like you did in school, but a critical part of the coaching process is taking intentional, intuitive, inspired action. To get the most out of your coaching experience, you can anticipate investing a minimum of a few hours each week outside of our sessions to take action that contributes to the shifts and changes in your life you are cultivating.

In my toolbox, in addition to my gifts as a psychic and my training as a Life Coach, I’m also trained in some awesome, powerful techniques to help you. These techniques will be incorporated into your coaching sessions depending upon how we chart your path.

Achieving your heart-felt goals and intentions or moving your life forward in any area are some of the most important aspects of your journey, the coaching process requires and provides a level of momentum and commitment that reaches beyond the surface of what seems to be the issue or the path and works at a deeper level to get to the heart and soul of the matter. The type of coaching I do is highly life- changing, deep, and transformational, therefore requires a longer commitment than a just a few sessions.

As your Coach, I am deeply committed to you during the process and the process itself is operating during and in between the actual sessions even though you can’t always see it. The packages maximize the value you receive.

Are you ready to stop playing small in life and open up to a more authentic, expansive, more conscious life?

Let’s talk! Book your Discovery Call to see how you can transform the most important areas of your life!