Developing your “clair” skills, deepening your psychic superpowers, and expanding as an empath, is truly an amazing journey. Awakening to seeing, knowing, hearing, and feeling, along with opening yourself to what is beyond that which we experience in our human world is an incredible way to live life.

There are some extraordinary benefits to having these abilities, knowing how to use them, and watching your life just glow. There are also some things that may change that are unexpected.

As you grow, not everyone in your life will grow with you. Relationships can change, interests can shift, and life as you know can move at a faster pace as you experience things in an unexplainable way – a way that not everyone understands.

Your energy shifts in a way that feels sublime for you as your frequency rises; your light level hits the stratosphere, and while you are evolving and seeing the world differently, not everyone in your life is in the flow with you.

When you step into this commitment to growth and development of these abilities, you change, your energy changes, you evolve at a faster pace and others in your life may not receive you  in the same way. It creates a gap; a gap that may cause you to not feel aligned with certain people and these people may no longer feel the desire to stay connected with you. They may pick up on the “gap”, feel odd about your stronger energy, even feel fearful, and not feel comfortable with you anymore.

This is a bit of what happens with some friendships, family connections, and sadly, even romantic relationships. Mostly if you are married, and your partner is aware, you will be ok. The friendships can be a bit more startling as the expectation is that your really good friends, the ones who have been in your life forever, for a long time, who are in your inner circle, your go-to friends, the ones you share everything with, either join you for the ride, or accept you as you are. Sadly this isn’t always the case and some people that you would never expect would step out of your life may fade away.

This has definitely been my experience and the more I grow and my frequency changes, others in my life have to keep up or the gap just gets too big. Sometimes, I recognize that someone is no longer in alignment and I know I need to take a step back, reevaluate, and be the chooser, and let go. Oddly, this sometimes happens with two people who are growing. One either feels threatened by the other, competitive as the ego sets in, or they get into a pride space, feeling more superior and grow from ego rather than from light.

The hardest part is when it is unexpected. Someone starts to call you less often or even communicate that there is something off and they need space, are not sure they want you as a close friend anymore, or just fade away.

It is truly sad that you are growing into your best self and loved ones often cannot handle the changes. People want you to stay just as you are because they feel safer that way.

So, choose new friends wisely, share with your friends, family, and loved ones what is going on with you, and if you have a close relationship, invite them to join you on your transformational journey. If they do and still start to fade, then there are important choices to make.

I know there may be some in your life who don’t believe in empathic energy, psychic energy, or spirituality, and there are some that just fear it. But as you open to your true self, not everyone remains a frequency match and you get to decide which you want more. Do you want to keep a friend or loved one close, while you shrink and play small, dumb yourself down, so to speak, or is it better to let that person fade or go if they must, if the match is no longer there? Would you rather be the highest and best version of you with new abilities, elevated growth, and a higher light level? Trust that new people will come into your world that are at your frequency, are into the growth process, and can handle you, your energy, and your gifts.

Being the most authentic psychic, empathic version of you has more gains than losses, but there are some people who will no longer fit and it is something you just have to let go of, feel all the feels about it, and look ahead, moving forward on your evolutionary journey!!

Are you experiencing some of these “clair” occurrences that were unexpected?

Are you ready to take that leap into the life that is truly meant for you as a psychic empathic person with gifts and abilities that you can’t wait to develop, navigate, and love?

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And know that there are ways to manage the losses and really embrace the magnificence of your light.