Attracting The Relationship You Really Want

Do you ever feel like you’re in a maze and just when you think you are on a different path that will bring you to a new place that gets you out, you end up right back where you started? And, everything just looks the same. You find yourself trying all kinds of different routes yet you end up back in the same loop over and over again.

Humans can get stuck in a loop, too — a loop of bad habits, negative belief systems, low vibration, and ruts — and yes, poor relationship patterns. Have you ever looked back at your dating history and thought, why do I keep attracting this same type of person over and over, feeling like my love life is a living version of Groundhog Day? Why do my relationships seem to have the same problems, the same outcomes even with different men?

It can be easy to attribute the problems in your past relationship to the person you were dating and put the blame on them, however, we actually attract people based on our own level of woundedness, consciousness, energy vibration, and frequency. In today’s Love Note Post, we’ll be talking about how focusing on yourself on the inside can lead you to attract the type of relationship you really want in your actual physical world — and help you break out of any “loops” you may find yourself in. 

Continue reading to learn more, and if you’d like to learn how to attract the relationship you really want, contact me, Susan Ortolano, for relationship coaching. I specialize in teaching soul-centered, spiritually-minded single women to prepare for, attract, and find the great love of their life.

Build Self-Awareness

Do you know who you are in your heart and soul? Do you understand what kind of internal programming, and external behavior and habits you have in relationships? No one is perfect, so be honest with yourself about what you bring to the relationship “table.” Everyone brings both positive attributes as well as old baggage and habits, but knowing who you are on a deep level is the start of attracting positive relationships. Self-awareness also helps you release past trauma, stories, and old belief systems as well as envision you’re looking for is the start to attracting the people you want and eventually bringing your best, most conscious self into a relationship.

Love Yourself and Your Own Company

Being single isn’t a bad thing! Well, you may disagree, but there are some opportunities you have as a single that will help you prepare for being in partnership! It’s an opportunity to connect with yourself, connect with who you truly are. And after all, being alone is better than being in a painful relationship. Rather than rushing to find someone just to avoid being on your own, take the time to be with yourself and deepen your love for yourself. That is part of the process that will have you attract the best relationship for you. 

One of the reasons people end up in painful relationships is because they don’t believe they’re worthy of love and respect. Lack of Worthiness is one of the main issues women deal with, and it lights up the path to the wrong person. If you have trouble loving yourself, know that you’re not alone — it can take some time and support to care for yourself and understand your value and worth. Remind yourself that you are worthy and that you deserve to have happy, strong, loving relationships — not just romantically, but with everyone in your life. 

Sometimes it helps to have someone at your side helping you see how worthy of love you are, and that’s one of the things a relationship coach like Susan Ortolano can do for you. 

Become Aware Of How You Feel Around Others

Do you feel like your energy is being sucked out of you when you’re around certain people? Are you so sensitive to what others are feeling that their bad moods affect how you feel? I specialize in helping sensitive, empathic women attract and find conscious love. One of the most important parts of the process is understanding that your empathic energy is actually a gift when you learn how to navigate it. You can also learn to set better boundaries and choose to surround yourself with people that lift you up rather than drag your energy down — it’s important to choose people wisely. There are also some powerful energy tools you can learn to use that will help you work with the high levels of sensitivity and turn it into a gift you love. 

Never Settle

Here’s the deal: no relationship is perfect, but having your dream relationship means that you won’t accept settling for something that doesn’t meet your standards or actually causes you harm! Remember, attracting the right relationship and sustaining a conscious, loving relationship starts with you.

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