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Alone or All One?


One of the biggest issues my clients have shared with me, whether they are empathic, feeling like they have psychic abilities and can tune into the planet energy, or whether they are single, struggling with friendships, family dynamics, or community in general, is the issue of feeling alone. Feeling alone isn’t just for singles; it can be a feeling that washes over us even in the midst of great marriages, large families, a lot of friends, and robust communities. We all experience these moments. But what is feeling alone really about? Feeling alone isn’t necessarily about being alone.  My truth: we [...]

Alone or All One?2018-01-27T14:23:06-04:00

“Clair” Expectations


Developing your “clair” skills, deepening your psychic superpowers, and expanding as an empath, is truly an amazing journey. Awakening to seeing, knowing, hearing, and feeling, along with opening yourself to what is beyond that which we experience in our human world is an incredible way to live life. There are some extraordinary benefits to having these abilities, knowing how to use them, and watching your life just glow. There are also some things that may change that are unexpected. As you grow, not everyone in your life will grow with you. Relationships can change, interests can shift, and life as you [...]

“Clair” Expectations2018-01-25T21:20:47-04:00

When &%#$%*# Happens and You’re an Empath!


When &%#$%*# Happens and You’re an Empath! Have you ever had one of those days or weeks when everything you do seems to go wrong, not work, get delayed, or not happen at all? This was my day yesterday as I write this. There was a miscommunication about something from my coach; I attempted Facebook ads for something for the ladies that I will be announcing next week that I couldn’t figure out; and I experienced major frustration as my computer would just spin and not consistently work. I was ready to pull my hair out! Then a friend called, and [...]

When &%#$%*# Happens and You’re an Empath!2018-01-28T15:25:58-04:00

Do You Have The Traits of an Empath?


Do You Have The Traits of an Empath?  Are you an empath? Check out some of the most common traits and see if they describe you. There is an assessment link at the end to discover your most dominant empath archetype! Most empaths just “know stuff”, without being told. It’s a knowing that goes way beyond intuition or gut feelings, even though that is how many would describe the knowingness. Attunement to developing your empath skills and the knowledge of your Empath Archetype can help strengthen this gift and create a life that thrives! Being in public places can feel like [...]

Do You Have The Traits of an Empath?2018-01-27T14:26:58-04:00

What Psychics Really Do? ( and it ain’t what you think)


As I mention on my website, psychics are not what most people think we are. We are not wearing scarves and holding our hands over crystal balls. Well, not most of us. There are no flying monkeys, and really legit psychics aren’t going to tell you that there is a demon in your stomach and for $50 they can remove it, otherwise you are in for a crap life. Yes, there are those who are using the word psychic for less than genuine work, but most of us are semi-normal people who just happen to have this as a gift, no [...]

What Psychics Really Do? ( and it ain’t what you think)2018-01-19T13:37:42-04:00
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