People often ask me how I get the psychic information that comes forward. The best way for me to explain it is that everyone gets information differently. Psychic perception is quite individual as we all interpret the information we get through our own personal filters.

There are, however, several ways psychics receive information and I will share the most common four. You may recognize your own gifts in these, already be aware, or just be getting “clair” about who you are as a psychic empath.

I call these “conduits” as the information from my view comes from a higher power, not from the human body/mind we live in. The body/mind is used as a conduit for information to pass through, and it gets interpreted through our own unique filters.

These are the 4 main conduits for information to come through.

1)   Clairvoyance- This is my main conduit and it is about seeing. Those with clairvoyant skills see images, pictures, dark, light, other colors, symbols, and need to interpret what they mean when reading for themselves or others. When I see an image, I actually already have several symbols that come through and know what they mean for me. Some are literal and some are not. Clairvoyance can also be about seeing auras, spirits, and people who have crossed over who are visiting. It is all about being a visual conduit for information.

2)   Clairsentience- This happens to be my other strongest clair. This is about feeling. If you notice yourself saying “it feels like…” then it is likely you are more clairsentient. Clairsentient people are the most sensitive and can often feel information both emotionally and physically when they read for or tune into themselves or others. Clairsentient people have to be most diligent in cleansing their energy as it is not uncommon to walk around carrying other people’s emotions, energy, and physical issues.

3)   Clairaudience- This is about psychic hearing. I have a good friend and colleague who is very clairaudient and she always says ”What I am hearing is…” Clairaudient information doesn’t come in a big booming Wizard of Oz voice. It usually comes in with your own voice, but you literally can hear the information coming through and that is what you get to interpret.

4)   Claircognizant- This is the coolest of all. Claircognizance is about direct knowing. Have you ever had an experience where you just “knew”something and didn’t have any clue how you knew? That was a claircognizant moment. People who read through this clair just have a knowing pop in. I have had that experience as well. Someone who is most dominant in claircognizance still has to interpret the information at times. Again, all of the information goes through our human filter regardless of how it comes in.

So, are you “clair” about who you are? Which is your dominant clair and have you spent time developing it? Being psychic and being skilled up in these abilities can truly enhance and expand your life, whether you use them in your professional world or your personal world.

If you want to develop your clairs and see how they can benefit your life, book a Discovery call with me and see if coaching to learn your world of the clairs is right for you.

Enjoy the world of being a conduit for psychic information!