One of the biggest issues my clients have shared with me, whether they are empathic, feeling like they have psychic abilities and can tune into the planet energy, or whether they are single, struggling with friendships, family dynamics, or community in general, is the issue of feeling alone. Feeling alone isn’t just for singles; it can be a feeling that washes over us even in the midst of great marriages, large families, a lot of friends, and robust communities. We all experience these moments. But what is feeling alone really about?

Feeling alone isn’t necessarily about being alone.  My truth: we are never alone, even if we are in a space without anyone present. My belief is that we are all drops of water in the same ocean and that ocean is all there is, the one mind, one presence, one consciousness and we are all connected. I know there are some people who may not want to be connected to certain so called “others”, but my truth is that we are, regardless. The alone feeling can be a spiritual sense of aloneness, forgetting that there are spirit guides, energies we cannot visually see, unless we are clairvoyant, and ultimately a feeling of separation from the collective consciousness or spirit.

Spending so many years coaching spiritual single women who tell me how alone they feel, I have seen that they are really looking through the lens of the human experience, rather than the understanding of complete connection to all things and connection to the universe. This is the spiritual perspective I am speaking of.

Thinking you are alone is like being a drop of water in the ocean looking for the ocean. You are right there, in it, as it, so it is easy to miss, but you are that which is all that is. You are part of the ocean, the collective consciousness, beingness.

I get it. I am sharing with you that there is a difference in our body-mind experience of having companionship, and in our humanness of feeling emotional when we don’t feel connected. But, know that YOU are connected to everyone and everything. Given that, you are never alone as we are all one.

Empaths, spiritual ladies, those who are in touch with their intuition, you feel the energy around you. Once you have opened up to your gifts and can sit in stillness and simply open your heart to the beauty of feeling the connections, the next time you think you are alone, or feel you are, you can open your empathic senses and just feel the energy all around you.

We are all one. You are part of that tapestry. You always have company! You are never alone.

If you are feeling alone and want to open up your gifts to feel connected and even if you are looking to manifest partnership in your human experience and do it the intuitive way, the empathic way, book a Discovery Call with me. Spiritual life coaching takes on many forms but underneath it all, it is a deep, transformational, spiritual journey to opening your gifts to expand your life, to step into your power, and let go of feelings of unworthiness, to have the human experience that is available for you, and to get the energetic connection to the oneness of everything.

When you can open, manifest, connect, and feel, it is an amazing experience!!